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  1. [VirtualGiveaway] Games and Prizes! I've actually won a KeyChain! Wow! :)
  2. [Heat] One of the premiere sites online for Multiplayer games. They also use your favorite multiplayer CD-ROM games.
  3. [Gamespot] A great place to see what is new on the gaming internet.
  4. [FLIPPER] Another game by Gid's. This one's is a deceptively simple idea, but just wait till you try it.
  5. [GID'S GAMES] This one's based on the microscope game from The 7th Guest, although the board is bigger and the computer player is dumber. A bit difficult to explain, but it's good fun anyway. Sometimes called 'Ataxx'.
  6. [Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!] Like on T.V., But you get to play.
  7. [Astrology] An Interactive enviroment, with information on what will be happening in 2000.
  8. [Orbifold Pinball] For geometry Majors. Hard to do. But go for it if you think you can.
  9. [Let's Make a deal] The old game from T.V. You can play once a day to win prizes. They also have a shopping area and a Bidding area.

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