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I love Music! There is nothing in the world (except kids) that can affect the way we feel, as much, as music does. It can make us smile, make us laugh, it can make us remember days gone by, or just calm our souls, or make us cry. Now the internet my second favorite thing has come alive with music, all kinds. What a wonderful thing. My father taught us how to love all kinds of music, no matter whether it was classical, jazz, polka music or good old rock and roll. The best was when my dad would get on the piano and play, we would all sing and dance and just plain act silly. (Especially when he played the Indian Love Call) I just wish I had inherited his ability to play the piano! So, instead I listen to others and thank them for sharing their gift with me!


  1. [Ledzeplin's Web World] Classic Rock/Modern music Midi files. Listen with the Midi Jukebox w/gif animation. Try the new portable "Boom Box" for music while you surf.
  2. [slagerij van kampen] One of the better sites I've seen for a Band. They are from the Netherlands.
  3. []Get all those MP3 songs everyone is talking about here!
  4. [Audio Software]Free detailed page of MPEG Audio Software. Over 30 players to choose from, for all platforms.
  5. [Don Carroll's Midis] Need some really good midis to download and use on your site? Here's the place.
  6. [ProMusician] An on-line service devoted specifically to the needs of musicians. One of ProMusicians goals is to provide musicians with up to date info on some of the hottest products on the market today.
  7. [Old Time Radio] The shadow knows where to find sound clips from radio's yesteryears.
  8. [Welcome to the World of Classical Music] Great site, if you like classical music, you will love it.
  9. [J.S.Bach Home Page] Wonderful information about the composer's life and works, with lots or pictures and musical examples.
  10. [New Zealand Symphony Orchestra] A good place to find links to other orchestras.
  11. [Sony Music] Big site. Has tons of artists in its index. If you like any kind of music this is the place to see.
  12. [Elektra Entertainment] Look's like a virtual office, Has at least 50 quicktime clips here. Also has links to other internet resources.
  13. [Sapphire Swan Dance Directory] Hundreds of links to dance sites across the country and around the world.

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