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"Look!" Pence pointed her hoof down at a grey figure moving through the trees. They quietly followed it, slowly descending as they flew. As the figure entered a clearing and looked around, they knew for sure it was Woodruff.

Karpa went into a steep dive and Pence glided down after him. Karpa grabbed Woodruff from behind, causing them to fall into a roll, only to run into a tree. The old tree cracked and fell under the weight of the two Dragons. While Karpa and Woodruff slowly regained their senses, Pence pinned Woodruff to the ground with her hoof at his throat.

The noise brought all the others to the clearing.

"Karpa, are you all right?" Pence asked, still watching Woodruff who was regaining his sense's.

"Yes, I am fine." he answered rubbing his head.

"We must decide what we are to do with him", yelled Karpa to the others who had gathered. "How can we keep this from ever happening again? "

Suddenly a deep rumble shook the ground. "Don't bother!" Woodruff called throwing Pence off him and shaking himself clean.
"You don't get it, do you?" His skin suddenly turned bright red. "You can't get rid of me!" He announced in a deep, evil, voice. "And by the way, the name's not Woodruff, it's Hat Red!" he thundered. Then he disappeared into a puff of smoke and fire.

Everyone looked at each other and then Pence spoke up. "Do you think it's possible? That the prophecy has come true?"

"I don't know, if it has, then things will never be the same" said Karpa as they walked home.

The prophecy was that a Hatred of great power would come to the world and forever change it from a world of love to a world of battle, where love and hate, good and evil would battle forever.

The next morning the prophecy came true, Dragons lost their wings and became reptiles. The Pegasus and Unicorns became horses. Fairies became butterflies and the Gargoyles, gnomes, and Pixies became humans.

From that day forward battles were fought constantly. Some lasted for days, some lasted centuries, and then there are some that will last forever.

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