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When Pence returned to the herd, she declared war and the herd in puzzlement attacked the clan.

For a while they battled on the ground to the herd's advantage. The Dragons did not dare use their fire so close to the woods and the Pegasus could use it's wings as shields. The Dragons could not, they had to dodge, a hoof could tear right through their wings. Finally the Dragons flew into the sky, but the herd followed. As Pence flew up, she was able to break free of Woodruffs spell. Woodruff had to be close to someone to hold onto their mind. On the ground he could hide nearby in the woods. But in the sky, there was no place to hide and he didn't dare let anyone see him.

Just as Pence's mind cleared and before she could order a halt to the war. Dagwood, Karpa's son, attacked Pence. She had to defend herself, so she reared up and sent her right hoof flying into his throat (she made sure not to hurt him) knocking his head back as she flew away.

Meanwhile, it was clear that the dragons were winning. Pence flew to Karpa, "Please! Call off your clan!", she yelled.

"Of, course" "Friends! Stop!" yelled Karpa, then turning back to Pence, he asked, "Why did you attack us?"

"I honestly don't know, the last thing I remember was getting a drink of water and then I saw........Woodruff!", looking up with fear in her eyes. "Woodruff was by the pond! Do you think that he could have put me under a spell of some kind?" "There has been many rumors throughout the valley that he has been playing with Black spells."

"I wouldn't put it past him," replied Karpa grimly, "and if he has and we don't stop him....who knows what he could do."

After the rest of the clan and the herd gathered together, Pence said, "O.K., listen up, We have a problem!"

"We think that Woodruff put Pence under a spell causing her to order the herd to attack us." announced Karpa."If we are right, we will end up killing each other."

"So, until we find out, if we give any strange orders, ignore it and take us as far up as you can. He cannot maintain mind controls at such a long distance and there is nowhere to hide in the sky." said Karpa.

"I was able to break out of his control when I got up here. It's a good thing too, I might have hurt Dagwood." added Pence.

"That's for sure!" commented Dagwood, rubbing his neck with the tip of his wing.

"We must divide into groups of two to find him, one dragon and one Pegasus per group." announced Pence. "If you find him, bring him here."

They divided into groups with Pence and Karpa in one group. As they set out, Karpa spoke to Pence, "I can't believe that something like this would happen. There has been peace for as long as anyone can remember."

"I know my great grandmother never witnessed such a thing or anyone after her...." said Pence.

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