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Written By Michelle Waggoner Copyright 1996 All Rights Reserved

This is a story of a very long time ago, before the laws of the universe were written, when magic and mystery ruled the land as well as the air and the sea. Before humans existed and the animals lived together, in peace, long before they were forced to hunt each other to survive.

Once upon a time, there was a very old, gray, Dragon named Woodruff, with a hatred of Pegasus. Pegasus were Winged horses with beautiful flowing manes. His clan shared a beautiful valley with a herd of Pegasus. It had a sparkling lake, a green forest, wide rivers and grass greener than green. He was always trying to convince the other Dragons that the herd of Pegasus should be destroyed, but no one would listen. No one knew why he hated the Pegasus. When ever they tried to ask him, he'd just say,"Because they're different, they're......evil!".

Then one day he blew his fuse and attacked the Pegasus herd. He killed two children, three adults and injured many more before the Pegasus captured him. They declared war, which would be the first ever. But Karpa, the leader of the Dragons with large green scales and an Orange brow convinced the Pegasus that no one shared Woodruffs hatred.

"My deepest sympathy is yours my friend. I promise you this crime will never happen again. Woodruff will be punished for his crime." said Karpa.
"I can not believe this, my own kind would turn against me like this. See how they control you!", yelled Woodruff as he struggled against the grip of three large Dragons who had taken custody of him.

Turning towards Woodruff, Karpa said,"Woodruff! You disobeyed me when I told you to stay away from the Pegasus herd! You have disgraced yourself and your clan! And you almost caused a war!" In disgust Karpa announced, "Take him back to camp and hold him there."

Then turning to Pence, the leader of the Pegasus, he said,"Again, I apologize for Woodruff behavior and he will be severly punished."

Pence answered, "We also have a few in our herd, who have hatred in their hearts. In fact, many herds we've met, has one or two. It's a good thing that they don't run things. We do not understand where these feelings come from." Pence was a very wise leader. She was a beautiful, silver color, with a flowing mane.

"No one would survive, we would end up killing each other!", commented Galondra, the daughter of Pence and Kut. She was a beautiful pink Pegasus with a long multicolored mane.

"Now, I must go and take care of Woodruff" Karpa said as he turned to leave.

The minute that Karpa got home, he confronted Woodruff. "HOW DARE YOU! You almost caused a war! Why do you hate them so?"

"Their different, they think they are so great with those colors of theirs!" said Woodruff with hatred in his eyes.

"What have they ever done to you? So, they have different colors, so, who cares? What difference does that make?" yelled Karpa in disbelief that Woodruff was capable of what he had done. Woodruff just stared grimly at Karpa's face. "Fine, as of today, you are exiled. If you ever return to the clan or the herd, we will find and kill you. Collect your possesions and leave."

When Karpa said this, it broke Woodruff's heart. No Dragon had ever been exiled before. He could not believe his own clan would turn against him. He blamed the Pesasus for it. As he looked desperately at his friends, they only turned their backs. He bowed his head and walked off with his large gray wings drooping. He did not know how much it hurt his friends to have to do that to him. Many wept to themselves that night. Friends and family were very important to the clan.

Many years passed and Woodruff grew very bitter. He had grown to hate the clan and even more the Pegasus that he felt had caused all his problems. In all his bitterness he learned magic and became an evil sorcerer. He grew very powerful, so powerful, that he could control the minds of others.

Then one day when Pence was drinking at a pond. Woodruff snuck up on her and took control of her mind. "Pence, you hate Karpa, you will declare war on the clan." Then he left. Pence finished her drink. You could of sworn that her silver coat had dulled just a little by the time she returned to the herd.

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