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  1. [George] George is the number one comic strip in weekly syndication! Check out some of the funniest GEORGE comic strips right online!! George now has several FREE Screen Savers!!! They are great!
  2. [Pun of the Day] Laugh, giggle and groan at a funny play on words (pun) every week day. Visit the selection of archives by category, or search for humor by keyword. All clean. Laugh!
  3. [Toy Trunk Railroad] Written by Erik Sansom. These are the cutest cartoons about railroads, model trains and engineers for your enjoyment. The site is updated daily with new Toy Trunk Railroad comic strips daily.
  4. [Toon-a-Day] Here is a place where you can get some daily cartoon clip art to jazz up your day!
  5. [RibMan: The Comic Site That Bites] RibMan's comic strip site has comic strips, funny recipes, fake ads and more. I found it very funny.
  6. [Today's Cartoon] This site is done by Randy Glasbergen. It includes daily cartoons, a Free Screensaver, and opportunities to buy some of his work on T-Shirts, mousepads and more.
  7. [The Serious Funnies] This site is done by "Three Guys who Draw" it includes Cartoons and Animations. Very Well done!
  8. [Cartoon World] A blast from the past. Here you will find links for a lot of the old saturday morning cartoons.
  9. [The Dilbert Zone] It's better than Working.
  10. [The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, Inc.] This site is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of clown art. Represented by professional and amateur clown associations, it pays tribute to outstanding clown performers, operates a living museum of clowning with resident clown performers, conducts special events and maintains a national archive of clown artifacts and history and Clown links.
  11. [The Oracle Service Humor Archive] Large site containing Lots of different types of jokes.
  12. [Wacky Web Tales] Use nouns, adjectives, pronouns and place names to make wacky stories. Grades 4 and above.
  13. [Comedy Central] Jokes set up under subjects.
  14. Asylum Confused Comic WebsiteAsylum Confused Comic Website

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by Ted Goff
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