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Dream Artists held contests in 96 and 97 to find designs to put on T-Shirts. We held our last contest in August 97. You will be amazed at the designs that we got. Some of the best have been put on T-Shirts and now you can own a piece of ART! We are still holding our Monthly T-Shirt giveaway, be sure to enter.

You can still view the entries from the last Graphic Contest that Dream Artists held. Dream Artists has links to the Previous Contests Artists Winners. We also have a page devoted to all the Previous Contests Artists, so if your looking for one. We have them. You will find some of the most talented Artists on the Web.

We hold a Monthly T-Shirt giveaway. Take your chance to win a piece of Art! While you're there you can also order one of our wonderful T-Shirts.
We are constantly surfing the web for Graphically intense Websites for our Dream Artists Award of Excellence. These are sites other than our artists who have gone out of their way to design graphic sites. And no site would be complete without Cool Links, we have some that might interest you.
Be sure to check out our Shirts that are available.

We hate putting a money twist on Art. But we also have to make a living, to be able to enjoy the art we see. So, we have combined the greatest joy with the hope of making some money, so we can enjoy even more art.

Awarded 8/15/97

Thanks to everyone who voted for this site to be a Starting Point Hotsite.

We were featured on 02/15/97 and 3/10/97 and 5/20/97!

Member of the "Internet Small Business" awareness organization.

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