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Graphic Contest Information

We are now taking entries for our last contest.
This contest will end on August 30, 1997.

The winning designers in our Graphic Contests receives -
  • Recognition for the work
  • A free T-shirt with the design on it
  • A link to the designer's home page on the winning Artists page.
  • $25
  • $50 for each 100 T-shirts we sell bearing the design
  • A $200 bonus if we sell 500 T-shirts with the graphic on them

Rules for entering a Graphic

    1. The design must be appropriate for all ages.
    2. It must be saved on a computer in Gif or JPG Format.
    3. Only one design per artist per contest.
    4. No Transparent or Animated Gifs or Copyrighted Clipart.
    5. The Design must have the smallest "side"(height/width) no smaller than 350 and the Largest "side"(height/width) no bigger than 510.(Size in Pixels)(we will make a small thumbnail for viewing on our site with a link to the large graphic.)
    6. Put it on your server.
    7. Fill out the form on the next page after reading all the legal stuff and agreeing to it.(Do Not fill out the form until the above conditions have been met.)
    (T-Shirts will be printed on either White or Black T-Shirts, depending on which will look better with the winning design)
    8. You may put the design on a Html page and add a "few" comments about the design and then send the URL for it.(We will not accept any long winded pages full of advertising.)

Remember, this costs you nothing.

Let's show the world some of the wonderful graphics
that are on the Web.

Obligatory Disclaimers and Legal junk.
We cannot print shirts using copyrighted material without permisssion.
Please only enter graphics that you have designed.
The winner will have to sign a waiver.
Due to the complexities of printing colors on T-Shirts
(and way to hard to explain)
Dream Artists reserves the right to not use some entries.
If your entry cannot be used, we will contact you and
give you another chance to enter a new design.
Dream Artists retains the right to decline any entries they feel are inappropriate.
All Rules must be followed for the entry to be excepted.

By clicking on the "I Agree" link below, I acknowledge that DREAM ARTISTS may reproduce on its web site my original art work ("design"), including but not limited to, designs, pictures, drawings, or sketches at the sole discretion of DREAM ARTISTS.

I understand and acknowledge that my design will be part of numerous designs which DREAM ARTISTS may or may not use as part of a web page with links to the designs. The designs are selected solely at the option of DREAM ARTISTS whose determinations are final.

I agree to the following compensation, if, and only if, my design is selected for display on a t-shirt the following will be paid:

1) a free T-Shirt with the design on it;
2) A link to my homepage; and
3) $25.00.

I further agree that if DREAM ARTISTS sells 100 T-Shirts with my graphic on them I will receive an additional $50.00.
$50.00 will be paid for each 100 T-Shirts sold. If DREAM ARTISTS sell 500 T-Shirts with my design, I will receive a bonus of $200.00.

I fully release DREAM ARTISTS and all other persons and associations from any and all claims and causes of action that I presently have or may have in the future relating to my participation in the above-mentioned web site T-Shirt promotion.

I, acknowledge that I have read the contents of this document and that I understand it.
I agree

Putting a link to Dream Artists would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a banner you can use for a link


Here is the code needed for the link

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onMouseOver="self.status='Visit the Dream Artists!'; return true">
<IMG SRC="bandrem2.gif" alt="Visit the Dream Artists" width=400 height=40 Border=0></A></CENTER>

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