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I like to know who starts all these rumors that only weirdos and nerds are on the web. Either they are not on the Web or they are looking in the wrong places. I have met the greatest people on the web. Without these friends, my web site would look awful and I probably would have given up by now. But thanks to all these great people I have met and all their help, I think my pages look pretty good. Gerry and Ledzeplin have been with me since the beginning, helping me with my music, forms, booboos, html, you name it, they have helped me with it. I know they have spent hours trying to fix things that I have messed up. Gerry has been busy with many other things lately, but I will never forget all his help. Ledzeplin still puts up with me and bails me out when in a jam. I consider him my Best Internet friend! Thanks Led! Other friends include Brad at After Midnight and Glen who runs the Lost in Webspace Club, they introduced me to Powwow and Webrings and they still put up with me to this day! They are amazing! Lou at LZ Studio helped get me hooked on doing graphics. Marlina at TruRealities introduced me to animated gifs and I introduced her to the BingoZone. Denton at Denton's Dimensions is my protector. I had a couple of people email me inappropriate emails and they thought they couldn't be traced(Anonymous Email). Well, Denton did and got them kicked off their ISP! I would be lost without Deb at Deb's Cowtown. She listens to all my complaints and is a sympathetic ear. She has even been out here to visit and we went out to lunch. We had a great time. Rick Lawwill at Global Presence was a big help getting some of my animations put in their Gallery. There is many other people I have met on the web, but I don't want to bore you with the entire list. I just want Web Surfers to know that no matter what anyone says, there is great people on the web and these are just a few of them.
Here are some more of my Friends Banners, can never have too many friends!

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