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Computer Stuff!
To many different resources to call it anything more specific than Stuff! Below you will find everything from help building a web page to free logos, software, web consultants, backgrounds and more. This page is getting so long, let's see if I can categorize it.

Documents on HTML/Graphics
  1. [Miltech] Corporation specializing in developing affordable custom business applications and kiosk solutions. If you have a need for software programming, database development or a kiosk solution they will provide you a free, no-hassle cost estimate.
  2. [Amp's Counter page] Need a Counter? This page lists lots of them, from scripts to Java. They even tell you which online service counters don't work well.
  3. [Minnie's Creation Studio] Minnie has great Graphics, everything from backgrounds to buttons and she is even starting a collection of her own animations. Be sure to check this site out.
  4. [CSI] Here is a great resource for your Website needs. They have found some of the best links to sites on the Web with graphics, animations, useful tools, Hints and Tips and Advertising your site.
  5. [Dreambook] Look out LPage and Pergatory! Here comes a brand new quality and versatile guestbook from the Genius who runs the Webrings. This is a great book to add to your website.
  6. [CyberScape Daily] From Faulkner Web. You have to Bookmark this site. It has all the latest Important Web News. Keep up with all that's going on.
  7. [Tom Harold] Wonderful documentation explaining Graphic Files, their resolutions, Color depths, palettes, compression, Explanation and Index of Common Graphics Formats and File Extensions. If your planning on working with graphics, this is information you should know.
  8. [Netscape] Information on creating high-impact documents for use with the netscape navigator and other browsers.
  9. [Zen] A Beginner's guide to the internet.
  10. [Edu-Source Interpretive clip Art] Lots of Eviromental and natures pictures and clip art.
  11. [iFREE Top Clipart & Graphics] Large listings of clipart and graphics sites.

Backgrounds and Graphics for your Web pages!

Art Ala Carte

Andy's Art Attack


Ace Backgrounds

Desktop Publishing

  1. [Netscape] Need more backgrounds? Here is a few of Netscapes.
  2. [Animated Gifs] Free Original Animated Gifs that we made.
  3. [Imaging Center] Here is a place to get your gifs made transparent, Morfed, etc.right online.
  4. [Pixelsite] Interesting site where you can make custom graphics right online.
  5. [Neurotec] You can animate Text right online and save to use on your website. re-check
  6. [Octagamm's Ball Boutique] A Good source for spheres, orbs, round things and free graphics of all sorts. She also has some great links to interactive tools for creating your own web graphics and pages
  7. [Something Special] Don't have a scanner? Need something Scanned? This is the best offer to get pictures scanned that I've found on the net.
Keep our site going, be sure to tell them dreamartists.com sent you!
Software and Shareware
NewSeattle Lab's LogoNew
SLmail v2.6 from Seattle Lab
Seattle Lab's SMTP/POP3 mail server helps you stop unsolicited email!
  1. [Gamelan] Need some Java for your pages? This is the "official Directory for Java" The have hundreds of links for Java programs.
  2. [NONAGS] Tired of downloading supposedly "free" software? NONAGS, sifts through all the "free" software and selects what's really free, what really works, what really is worth your time and effort. They have put together a large collection of 16 and 32 bit Windows software that has no nags, no time limits, no disabled features or any other tricks. Most is really free, few are shareware that meet the Nonags standards.
  3. [Bradley Land]This young man has some wonderful programs that he has written for others to use. He has voting programs, games, educational programs, Utilities, HTML effects generator and more. And they're all free!!!!! What a wonderful site!
  4. [ Tucows] The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software! This site is provided free of charge to the general public, and has some of the best shareware, freeware and software connections on the web.re-check
  5. [PKWARE] Need to unzip all the files your downloading of the web. This is it.. It's for windows, it's easy and fast.
  6. [ZDNet] The Ziff-Davis site has daily reports on the very latest developments in computers and also has lots of Shareware.
  7. [Software Net] A Web based Software retailer is a great place for window shopping. Also, has lots of free demos.
  8. [Sierra] A Software Company
  9. [Virtual Software Library] Lots of shareware Collections.
  10. [Quicksite] A good place to download a program to help you build your own webpage.
32bit software

Home of Wave Events, a Cool shareware program.

Web consultants/Advertising your site
  1. [Dream Artists] Need someone to build a web site for you? We here at Dream Artists can do it.
  2. [Charlene Reese - S r T e U e D s I e O] Digital Graphic Design for Print, Multimedia and the Web
  3. [3B Web Creations] Internet Consultants, if you don't know how or just want help getting on the Internet.
  4. [Gossamers Web] Need someone to build a web site for you and help you to advertise on the web this is a very good company. Here you will find custom web pages and Desktop Publishing services.
  5. [Global Presence]Another Web Site Company that will do the work for you.
  6. [Self Promotion]The best and cheapest way to promote your site!

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