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The Wagontrain has removed alot of our Awards. The page was becoming too cumbersome. So, we removed all the awards that did not have a link to our site on a winners page or award sites that have disappeared from the web. The ones below are all working as of June 15, 1997 and all give recipocal links to the winners.

Both Awarded 11/15/97

The Humor Search Award
Awarded for the Application to Date my Daughter Page on 10/05/97

The Widow's Web Award
Awarded 8/29/97

The Useful Site of the Week Award
Awarded 8/5/97

Awarded 7/6/97

Awarded 6/15/97

Awarded 5/19/97

Awarded 4/29/97

Awarded 4/1/97

For my Shopping Page
For my Home page
Awarded 3/5/97

Awarded 3/23/97

Awarded 3/15/97

Awarded 3/2/97

Awarded 2/12/97

Awarded 2/2/97

Awarded 1/08/97

Awarded 12/07/96

Awarded 12/05/96

Awarded 10/30/96

Awarded 1996

Awarded Second place in the Grand competition
for Animations under Hobbyist II Category.

Awarded 10/1/96

Awarded 9/21/96

I was picked as the Lost in Webspace pick of the week. 8/14/96

Awarded by Program One Online Radio 8/28/96

My very first Award. Isn't it pretty?

Stayed up late to get this one.

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