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Artists who have won the T-Shirt Contests.

Contest #1
Name of Artist:
Chris Whitlow
Web Site:
Chris Whitlow Artist
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His page is a collection of artwork that he has painted, drawn or done on the computer. It's full of many styles done in watercolors, oil and pen and ink drawings. His pen and ink drawings are actually stipple drawings which means there are no lines. They are dots put on paper by hand with a .01 drafting pen. Hand signed limited edition prints are available.

Contest #2
Name of Artist:
Web Site:
Labor of Love
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Labor of Love (LOL) is an on-line art gallery, the brain child of John Rossfeld and was by designed by Gigi in an effort promote art from around the world. You can find various mediums in LOL, including watercolours, pencils and digital works of art. "Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness." This quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein perhaps epitomizes Gigi's personal site. Aside from the clever wit and wisdom, her site is home to her artwork, much of which are watercolors.

Contest #3
Name of Artist:
Randy Monteith Web Site:
SnowDog's Lair
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Snow Dog's site is Graphically intensive. He shows his best work there and it is worth a visit.

Contest #4
Name of Artist:
John Nelson Web Site:
John Nelson Photography
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John Nelson Photography is a full service professional photography studio, located in Cadillac, Michigan. Our twenty years of experience in Wedding and Portrait Photography, Commercial and Special Event photography, and Photographic Restorations is your assurance of quality work.

Contest #5
Name of Artist:
DianaDru Web Site:
The Lady, DianaDru
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The Lady DianaDru's art is an extension of herself. Each piece lends itself to even deeper meaning. She does her artwork more as a hobby than anything else. Diana offers free backgrounds and web design services to the Internet community within her many sites.

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