Artists who have won the Award of Excellence from the Dream Artists,
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Jack Riggen
Web Site:"Imago Dei"
In the mood for something different? Experience Pixelschisms by new media artist jaxun, curator of cyberstudio Imago Dei.

Norma Mihalak
Web Site:"The Cyber Goddess"
The Cyber Goddess is the alter ego of a woman from Ohio.( or a middle-aged woman?) She has used this means to create an entertaining and humorous site filled with many manipulations and original animated gifs. See the Goddess wink at you;)

Roger Cummiskey
Web Site:"Roger Cummiskey Gallery"

Ehsan S. Azzuz
Web Site:"SaifGraf"

Marilyn Brown
Web Site:"Merlin's Studio"
"Merlin's Studio" is St. Louis artist Marilyn D. Brown's online portfolio of art, both paper and digital. The work that she displays changes frequently, especially the fractal imagery. So, be sure to bookmark her site.

Julian S. Bielicki
Web Site:"P S I"

Harvey Lubin
Web Site:"AGRAPHA Design"
Visually compelling graphics for your Web site and/or print media. Competitive rates. Amazing results. The PowerWorks Zone for ideas on setting up your Web pages and for free graphics to download.

Gabriel McEver
Web Site:"McEver Studios"

Louis Zygadlo
Web Site:"L F Z Studio"
An abstract artist, his medium is oil on plastic. His site has original works and limited edition prints. He has a complimentary publication in the 10th edition of "The Encyclopedia of Living Artists" and full time representation by a popular Chicago gallery. He also hosts a contest once a month to win a free print, and many more interesting things.

Barbara Cote
Web Site:"Illustrations by Barbara Cote"
A freelance illustrator from Rochester, NY. Her block prints, computer-generated art and scratchboards are featured at her web-site. Be sure to check the other features at her site: contests, links, up to date information, and graphic services for the Internet.

Devin Burke
Web Site:"Burke Wurke"
A collection of art, done entirely with pens and markers that not only dazzles the eye in photorealistic quality, but also in its surreal tone. He is available for collectors and custom work can be commisioned for personal and commercial purposes. This art style is very condusive for Web projects that require an extra edge of originality and quality.

Rene Tutt
Web Site:Cowgirl's
Come and celebrate the holidays 265 days a year with Pooh and the Gang! Rene is a Dallas Cowboy's fan and her site shows it! She also has a Poetry Smorgasbord, a free banner service for a return link to her site. And lots of interesting and "different links".

Lennart Wahl
Web Site:WAHL´s World

Koji Tsukada
Web Site:Homepage of K'Tsukada ver4.0
Wonderful works, site is not english but has buttons in english for moving around the site.

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