Artists who have won the Award of Excellence from the Dream Artists,
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Margarethe Broekman
Web Site:Equi Arts
Have that favorite photo that you would like turned into a painting? Portrait Artist Margarethe Broekman is acclaimed for her extraordinary children and animal pictures as well as more dramatic and flamboyant paintings.

Hawk Manis
Web Site:Infinitee
Ralph's 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, sci-fi, fantasy and psychedelic art is filled with visions yet unseen, only dreamed of. Mr. Manis paints jackets, guitars, walls, banners, and whatever else he could get his hands on. His website carries a full line of fine art on T-shirts. Each shirt is painted with vibrant colors to create a unique and original style. You will also find 3D Graphics, 2D Graphics and Galleries with some of his work.
At this time Infinitee Designs has a limited number of hand painted silk-screens, each print is hand screened on 100% acid free paper, air brushed and signed by the artist.
If the timing is right and money is good Ralph can be talked into painting custom Guitars and or Cases. You can also contact him to have commercial 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Custom Painting Projects and Web graphics done.

John Nelson
Web Site:John Nelson Photography
John Nelson Photography is a full service professional photography studio, located in Cadillac, Michigan. Our twenty years of experience in Wedding and Portrait Photography, Commercial and Special Event photography, and Photographic Restorations is your assurance of quality work.

Sue Fletcher
Web Site:Art That Celebrates Life
Another artists who can turn that favorite photo into a painting. Portrait Artist Sue Fletcher can do it for you. She has many examples of her work on her site. For over 20 years she has earned her living as a artist. She also carries a wide variety of original paintings, dried flowers and cloth greetings.

Web Site:To the Stars and Beyond
Artist Author and Poet. His intent is to portray the beauty of Color that Nature has provided for us., it is in and all around us and out in the far reaches of Deep Space. The written word is also just as beautiful and compelling. His works are produced from the depths of his soul and the combination of both is within each of us to either appreciate or create.

Sondra J. Seeger
Web Site:Seeger's Art
Traditional Artist and Graphic Illustrator, Sondras site is intense and worth a visit! "New Work Review" said, "Very often writers are desperate for ideas (aka writers' block) and a picture will evoke the story, the poem, the inspiration that has been lacking. We've found this artist to provide such a catalyst with her work."

Web Site:Ludo's Lair
Quote from Artist: " I'm always doodling - be it on paper or in graphics programs of some sort or another. The Lair was originally going to based around my other love - roleplay games - but as I got on with designing graphics for it, my friends encouraged me to use it to showcase my art as well... This is the sort of person who thinks in italics. These are the kind of people that need close watching, preferably from a distance..."

Ansgard Thomson
Web Site:Artist in Residence
Quote from Artist, "Art has always been part of my life from childhood on, but I did not paint till later in life. Only with my admiring eyes I studied the painters in Germany and Paris (were I lived and worked for 10years). I have taken 15 years of Art Classes. Won awards in juried shows. Like to paint by myself."

Max Edward Cordonnier
Max's Art Gallery is devoted to traditional and modern computer art, handpainted wooden toys, old photographs, and illustrated poems, plus a dream journal. Something old, something new.

Rick Duim
Web Site:Duim's Art Gallery
Visit Duim's Art Gallery. Abstract, landscape, and impressionist styles reside there. Art prints available. Go on by and take a look!

Web Site:Dragonfly Dream
Dragonfly Dream is a unique artist's homepage featuring Mail Art,artistamps,adoption,Wicca,Runes,and monotypes and rubberstamps,and much,much more."When one door closes,another opens.But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."-Helen Keller (Dragonfly's site has won the distinction of making it to the 1996 Site fights of the year)

Web Site:Moyra's Web Jewels
Original Web Art by an Original Artiste - A unique treasure trove of free linkware graphics for WWW Homepages.

Dustie Meads
Web Site:The First Impression
Quote from Artist, "Art...forever. Art endures through the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears, the peace and the turmoil. Art is the expression of the deepest, or the lightest, thoughts the artist. The expression of the person behind the technology, capturing a tiny piece of their mind, their thoughts, their feelings and producing something worthy to view. ART...forever."

Mary Broussard
Web Site:The Widow's Web
Mary Broussard is a real media artist exploring the world of cyberspace and digital art. Her website contains many different places of interest from ecology, and dinosaurs to three different art galleries. Take a rucksack and camp out with the Nomad CyberQueen at The Widow's Web.

Dave James
Web Site:XMode's World
Artist's Quote, "Dedicated to having a good day, today. Come on in for a cup of coffee, an ear to bend, the roar of a Harley, and some very fine Art...on both skin and paper. Drop a note here with no's safe. No drugs, no booze, no attitudes. We can do it. And...if you send me something for the site, I'll post it...I am that easy!...XM" (Dave)

Stephanie Bender
Web Site:Spike's Domain
Looking for something different? This is it.

Bill Graham
Web Site:Tonguemonsters
You will not believe it unless you see it!

Aaron Bennett
Web Site:Liquid Design Studio
Liquid Design Studio feels it is important for their customers to feel satisfied in having their presence well portrayed on the web. They work closely with clients to achieve a product that everyone is pleased with; us, the viewers, and most of all, you.

Kerry Hyvarinen
Web Site:Graphic Man
Has won Design Awards in Graphic Designs. Works in drawing and painting in Digital Media. His Studio on the Web is worth a look.

Web Site:LeJavaBrat's Home Page
Crystal signed my guestbook and did not even mention visiting her site, just complimented me on mine. But I visit all sites who sign my book and I was thrilled and surprised to find such wonderful artwork on her site. Be sure to check out her Lots-a-doodles pages. She has tons of talent!

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