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Animal Links

Here are some of the Animal Related Sites that I could find on the Web. There are many more and I will try to find the best ones.

[45 M. P.H. Couch Potato Page]

Let A Greyhound Race Into Your Heart ..... ADOPT ONE. This site contains information and links about Greyhounds.

Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd.
 The Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd.
is a non-profit organization
that helps Georgia's starved, abused, and neglected horses.This is a very worthwhile organization, please visit them and if you can add a link to their site.

  1. [Norwegian Forest Cats By The Bloomers] Lots of info and links concerning these interesting Cats.
  2. [Greylag geese also By The Bloomers] Lots of info and links concerning Greylag geese.
  3. [Bearded Collie links By Hobo] Hobo has over 80 links to sites about Bearded Collies. I couldn't find that many if I tried. Be sure to check out the rest of his site as well. It's Great!
  4. [DakotaWind] If you like Shetland Sheepdogs, then this if the site for you. Lots of links and information.
  5. [ Pet Monkey] This site is about the Common Marmoset. If you keep or are thinking about keeping pet marmosets you should read this.
  6. [Caribbean Conservation] This site is a source of information and enlightenment for the world to help increase understanding of the plight of sea turtles, tropical birds, and other species in the Caribbean basin and the Costa Rica rainforests. They also have put together a fine collection of gifts and educational products to enhance their fundraising efforts and help educate the public.
  7. [The Pet Counselor] Animal Psychologist and Pet Talent Agent. The Pet Counselor is an independent professional source of help, information and advice to pet owners with non-medical pet problems and questions. This site also contains some interesting animal links and even some fun pet tests. And for our animal friends out there, be sure to visit Dr. Peppersauce's Column!
  8. [Wolfs] An informative and multi-featured page concerning the Wolf and related information resources found on the Web.
  9. [Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center] The Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center (ARRC), located in Sitka, Alaska was formed in 1980 by a group of dedicated volunteers. ARRC's mission is to treat, rehabilitate and release wild birds, educate the public about wild bird habitat and their ecology, and to support and conduct research pertaining to the medical treatment of wild birds. This is a wonderful site and deserves a visit.
  10. [Rats and Mice on the Net] WOW! I had no idea there was that many Web sites devoted to Rats and Mice. It's Amazing. This page has alot of links for all the Rats and Mice pages on the Net.
  11. [The Tame Beast] This site has links to all these animals:Alpacas,Birds,Cats,Dogs,Exotic,Fish,Horses,Reptiles,Rodents. Kind of kills the need for this page. But I'll keep looking.
  12. [Starlite Pigs] A site devoted to Potbelly pigs.
  13. [House Rabbit Society] House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care. Their web site contains educational material relating to house rabbits, as well as on line adoption listings.
  14. [PetBunny Rabbit Home Page] Links to lots of home pages about Bunnies.
  15. [ New Hampshire Lama Association's Home Page!] Everthing about lamas from caring for them to other links on them.
  16. [Cathy's Homepage of Tropical FishKeeping] Everthing about taking care of Tropical Fish.
animated cat's page
This site contains lots of Animations of Cats.

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