The Wagontrain Free Blank Buttons
I have Five size buttons for your choices. click on one to see the different types. There is over 100 of them. All I ask, IF you like my web pages that you add a link from your page to mine. Be sure to link to the Main Animated page or the Home Page of the Wagontrain, as all other pages are moving constantly. If you are collecting graphics for a collection, do not add more than 5 blank buttons and you must add an acknowledgement and a link to the Wagontrain.
To use the blank buttons, right click on the one you want and save to your Hard Drive. Then open in any paint program and put the text on you want and then resave as a new name. Be sure to keep the blank empty for other buttons on your site.
Here is a little tip for newbies. To cut and paste text. Just highlight the text you want to copy and hold the CTRL button and push the C button. The put your cursor where you want the text and hold the CTRL button and push the V button. After a while, you will do it without even thinking about it. :)