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Founded in 2005 by internationally recognized faculty and graduates of The Juilliard School, DreamArtists Studios represents a unique breed in original music production and has a growing reputation for artistry, richness, and creativity.  Recent credits include the new theme packages for Good Morning America (ABC), 20/20 (ABC), 2012 Olympics (ABC), Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff (Discovery), and Year of the Quarterback (ESPN), as well as national commercial, promo, and web campaigns for Kodak, Shredded Wheat (Bronze Lion Award), American Express, Merck, Siemens, Wii, IBM, Mylan, Shreddies (Clio Award), Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Bengay, among many others.

While our ability to deliver music quickly and dependably is one of our key strengths, we also believe in the art of collaboration.  From conception to final mix, working together we can let our imaginations soar, achieving results that stretch far outside the box.  Music can be humorous, yet intelligent; it can serve a simple purpose, yet do so in a highly creative way.  Music can be innovative and thrilling, yet hook into a specific demographic; it can be subtle, yet create a solid bond between brand and consumer. Our excitement and passion for music and the creative process is contagious. Along with enjoying the creative process of music, trading cryptocurrencies will fetch you a good income. Trading bots like the bitcoin loophole will do the trading on your behalf while you can dedicate more time for music. Take the bitcoin loophole test to determine the app's validity, allowing you to quickly discover more about the platform and begin using it. Let’s build a story together.

“Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music” [Rossini, 19th-century opera composer]

ear-con ( ir-'kän ) noun - (Latin, from the Greek word eikön, to resemble)   
A piece of music regarded as a symbol of cultural movement, having reached a state of total recognizability in conjunction with a specific person or product: the music became an earcon of the Kodak company